MOLiCHiNO-Pure Poison-Poseway-FFL-Siria's-Topazia

Fashion for Life is the oldest and grandest of Second Life’s fashion event and one of Relay For Life of SL’s mega-events. It’s a ten sim fashion event featuring the generous offerings of more than 150 designers of clothing, accessories and poses – the essentials of fashionable life.
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 MOLiCHiNO : Ruffle Corset 12 colors +  Fife Pants 14 colors
Pure Poison - Chrystal Necklace + Flowers Cabin HandBag
Pose : **Poseway** - Meli
They are all available at

Shoes +Earrings : *Siria's Design* Gold Star Shoes + Diamond Earrings
Lipstick : TOPAZIA- collection liquid lipstick available in 20 colors

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